Thursday, February 17, 2011

The High Line Park, Chelsea, New York City

One would think that abandoned train tracks are useless and ugly. Not so with High Line Park, also affectionately called The Hanging Gardens located in Chelsea, New York City. The city of New York transformed this useless and abandoned train track into one long beautiful park.

I've heard so much about this park, High Line Park serves as an inspiration for all park developers,communities and individuals wanting to convert wasted spaces into beautiful gardens.

The plants and shrubs found at the Hi-Line Park are native to Manhattan island (I overheard one of the guides). I know, right? It's hard to imagine that Manhattan used to be filled with shrubs and flowers instead of the concrete jungle that it is now.

I love the architecture of the benches, with their curved lines and the sun loungers with their train wheels.

When I went there last November 2010, it was almost winter and most of the flowers have lost their blooms but it was a pretty sight nonetheless. What a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

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