Monday, February 21, 2011

Alma de Cuba – Latin Grill and Cantina

I spent the whole Saturday evening and much of Sunday afternoon watching DVD, I was so engrossed with what I was watching, I completely ignored planning for a dinner menu. Also, I wanted to dine out, just to stretch a bit. I felt a bit cooped up watching DVDs for a few hours.

After mass last Sunday night, Hubby and I were so undecided on where to have dinner what to eat. I didn’t want to go very far since I have to go back home and finish the series that I was watching. Hubby and I decided to just dine somewhere in BF, since more and more restaurants seem to be sprouting there.

We came upon Alma de Cuba – Latin Grill and Restaurant. The restaurant is just a few minutes’ drive from the church. We’ve never tried it before, so, why not?

The restaurant shares the property with Songkran, a Thai restaurant probably owned by the same group of people. Regardless of which restaurant you dine in, you can mix and match menus.

I ordered Shrimp Pad Thai from Songkran. It wasn’t bad. But I kinda miss the Pad Thai that I eat in the dirty streets of Bangkok, he he he. Those were good. Dirty, but good. Maybe I shouldn't eat in the street stalls anymore....

Anyway, Hubby ordered everything else from Alma de Cuba. The Cheese Fondue was specially good, with a little bit of kick from the jalapenos, but with one major failure. The nachos were “makunat”. It would have been perfect if the nachos were kept in a warmer to keep them crispy.

Hubby also ordered Beef Soft Tacos, which he really liked. The chili con carne that went with it wasn’t very good. I could tell that the tomatoes came from a can because they weren’t stewed long enough and the flavors didn’t come together well.

Hubby also tried the Herbed Cuban Chicken Roast (forgot the name of the dish so I made one up). He took one bite and didn't eat the rest. I didn’t even taste it because I could tell it was very dry by just looking at it. I was right.

I have mixed feelings about this restaurant. The cheese fondue (sans the nachos) and the soft tacos were good, but everything else was not very good. The service took forever. Getting our bill took even longer and the place wasn’t even full!

Um, I’m not sure if I’ll come back again.

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montevideano said...

Only because a place has the name "Cuba" in it doesn´t mean it´s Cuban or Latin.

I bet the owners are not even from South America.