Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Day Shy of Valentine's Day Dinner with Hubby

Tomorrow night will be very hard to get a reservation anywhere decent. Hubby's been sick a few days and we had to cancel our reservation at Antonio's so that he can rest up a bit and recover.

My family came over this lunchtime to have our usual Sunday lunch here at home. I won't post pictures because it's so funny, we almost had the same dishes from last time, he he he. Are we in a glut or what? :-)

Anyway, after the family left. Hubby was feeling better and wanted to go out for dinner. It was quite late when we left home and we had no idea where to go. Hubby suggested two restaurants, a Japanese Resto in Alabang (yeah, I said, Japanese again?!!) and the second one was Hooter's. Go figure. Of all the restaurants in Manila, he suggested Hooters. Oh welll. I ain't goin' there, not tonight mister!

Anyway, we ended up going to our standy CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) in Alabang Town Center. We've eaten in all of the restaurants there and since we were both full from the foodfest with the family earlier, we had a hard time choosing which one. CPK seemed the safest.

I ordered the Blue and White Corn Nachos with White Corn and Avocado Guacamole Dip since I was still full and wasn't in the mood to eat anything heavy. I love it, the guacamole was light, a little tangy and the petite serving size was just the right portion for me.

Hubby on the other hand, despite having heavy lunch and two servings of spaghetti during merienda, still managed to order a few things and was giving me the evil eye when I wouldn't share a salad with him to go with his orders (I was too full!). Hubby had the Baja Fish Tacos instead, made with mahi-mahi. This is a sure hit, I managed to get one bite to taste, and I loved it too. Very light and no fishy taste. The mahi-mahi seemed very fresh.

Hubby also ordered Lettuce Wraps made with chicken. We both didn't like it since the taste seemed one dimentional and "nakakasawa". We had to request for cilantro leaves to balance out the taste.

Since it was almost Valentine's Day, all patrons at CPK were given a free Sundae with chocolate hearts on top. Of course hubby gobbled it up and didn't order any more dessert.

So full today, we've been eating practically the whole day!

Hubby and I won't be able to have a real Valentine's Day dinner since both of us will be working tomorrow and won't be able to meet up for dinner. So, spending the day with family and the evening with each other I think, is a better alternative.

Look, we even wore couple shirts (we bought these last week). Hubby's shirt has a cute spiderman graphics on it and the spidey shot up a web. And on my shirt, is Mrs. Spidey being captured inside his web. Cute eh? So cheesy, I know, but we loved wearing it in public, he he he :-) Right, we were a middle aged couple behaving like a couple of teenagers!

Happy Heart's Day everyone!


superduperloveys said...
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mrslovey said...

You guys are sooo cute. btw, I always read your blog and looking forward to new post. like you guys, we are also DINKs who loves traveling and just spending time with each other. keep us reading :)

Leica said...

Thanks mrslovey :-) Keep enjoying each other.

We DINKS are so blessed even with the absence of children :-)