Sunday, May 2, 2010

Antonio's Tagaytay

We've been invited by the CEO of hubby's Alabang office for a lovely lunch at Antonio's yesterday. They were showing the sights to one of the executives from their New York office. Antonio's is regarded as one of the country's best restaurants, and I think it's a must-stop for any balikbayan, tourist and locals to try not just for the outstanding food, but for the experience of being in the mountains with a lovely upscale homey setting. Antonio's is currently having some renovation and expansion works done at the back portion of the property. So, the view isn't that great...yet.

The food was excellent as usual. I am totally stealing the Scallops Tempura in Mango Sauce idea for one of my parties, even the presentation was great.

Our group also tried a variety of dishes that hubby and I never ordered before:

Scallops with Watermelon

Beef Fillet

Porterhouse Steak that's good enough for three! (or four skinny ladies)

Tomato Risotto as a side dish for the Porterhouse

Chocomint Parfait (not really sure why this is called a partfait...hmmm)

Flourless Chocolate Cake


Watermelon Calamansi Sherbet

Are you salivating yet? :-)

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ericbau said...

We will be back soon!