Thursday, April 29, 2010

Belated Anniversary Post

On the same day hubby left for Dublin, we celebrated our 8th year wedding anniversary. It was bittersweet because I knew that he would be leaving the same day and won't be spending the week with me (turned out to be two weeks). I had a fever that day but wanted to go out and spend time with him.

I remember it to be a very busy day, a holiday, but busy nonetheless. We had to buy some winter clothing for hubby, run a few errands before his trip and decided to have lunch at Cyma in Town Center. I had the usual stuff of grilled swordfish and saganaki. Hubby tried something new, I forgot the name, it was some seafood soup with rice already in the soup. This is the first time that Cyma disappointed. The soup was bland and tasteless as you can probably tell from the photo. Too much soup, eh?

Anyway, after that less than stellar lunch, hubby and I proceeded to Chocolate Fire in Makati. Chocolate fire originally started in Melbourne. Feeling reminiscent, hubby and I headed there. Hubby and I spent our 7th wedding anniversary last year in Melbourne, Australia and we miss it so much and thought going to Chocolate Fire may be the next best thing. Hubby ordered different types of chocolate bars/barks. His favorite I think was the peppermint.

My favorite is the Chocolate Fondue with Strawberries. I will certainly go back there for more :-)

We also tried other things on the menu.

There's even gelato, which was unusually sour.

Funny, when I was strolling the streets of Melbourne last year, I didn't see Chocolate Fire.

I have to say this though, Chocolate Fire uses Belgian Chocolates per their Facebook page. I personally prefer Australian Chocolates because they are less bitter and more "homey", if that makes any sense. I can't forget the taste of the chocolate in San Churro, St. Kilda in Melbourne. Oh man, that was the best ever.......

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