Friday, April 2, 2010

One Balmy Evening with Hubby - Mini Novela

It's the middle of summer here in the Philippines. Yesterday was particularly hot and I was relieved that come evening, the weather turned balmy and was the perfect weather for an evening walk after dinner.

I told hubby that it's much cooler outside and I would like to go for a walk, get some fresh air that's not from the aircon and invited him to join me. It took some persuasion but he agreed reluctantly. When we were in front of the gate, he wanted to take the car and go for a drive instead!

Hubby: "It's cool outside, do we have to take a walk? We can just take the car, open the windows and go for a drive"
Me: "That defeats the purpose of enjoying the cool breeze and burning off our dinner"
Hubby: "But but but I don't want to walk"
Me: " Ok, you stay here or go back inside the house, I will take a walk and listen to my iPod"
Hubby: " Ok, you take walk in our street only, back and fourth"
Me: "Whaaaat? People will think I'm crazy walking back and fourth!" (Our street is about 50 meters long only). I want to go to the park.
Hubby: "What if something happens to you?"
Me: "I've been talking walks since we moved here, silly!"
Hubby: "But it's nice to just sit here outside"
Me: "I'm talking a walk, you stay here"
Hubby: "but but but ehh" (grunts and whines like a little baby)
Me: "You're the one who has to lose the 20-lb gut!"

Hubby reluctantly goes with me and dragged his feet all the way to the park. We walked excruciatingly slow. It's like walking an injured kitten in a road of broken glass. He he he.

Hubby: "Ok, we reached the park, let's go back"
Me: "We've only been walking four blocks! I want to go to the other park as well"
Grunts, complains and dragged his feet even slower (it that was possible). I could hear his flip flops scratching the pavement :-)

To appease him,
Me: "We used to this this together after dinner when we were just dating, remember?"
Hubby: "I have no recollection"
Me" "What do you mean you don't remember? We used to go to the park near my mom's house after we had dinner"
Hubby: "No, we didn't."
Me: "Yup, we did"

So it went on and on.

Hubby: "I don't remember!"
Me: "I'm pretty sure it was you that I went on walks with!"

Okay by this time, memories of my college days with another boy that I had met in my senior year from an exclusive boys' college (before I met hubby) came flooding back. So, fine, I had walks with him too. That boy was my first love, that didn't pan out and is ancient history.

Back to the present.

Me: "We went on walks. Period."

After this short verbal friendly banter, we walked back home (after walking for a total of 8 minutes). I left him at the front porch and told him that I will continue my walk.

Hubby "(Whines), we already took a walk!"
Me" "I'll be back soon"
Hubby: " ohhhhhkaaaaaaay, I'll wait for you"

After half an hour of walking enjoying the cool wind, some upbeat music on my iPod, I went back home. I saw hubby still waiting for me at the front porch.

Me" "hey hubbs, you waited!"
Hubby "Of course".

He flashed me fishy lips and made kissy sounds.

My husband is a comedian.

The end


Tands said...

Dat was cute!

Leica said...

Thanks, I thought so too :-)