Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Cupcake Experiments

I'm on a roll. I've been in such a good mood last weekend that I baked two kinds of cupcakes. All from recipes that I've never used before.

White Cupcake+Brownies+Peanut Butter Frosting

I saw this recipe from All recipes again. It had such great reviews! But the recipe called for instant mixes. So, being such a glutton for punishment, I baked mine ALL from scratch.

For the brownie base, I used Alton Brown's recipe, which has never failed me (as long as I don't forget it in the oven!).

For the white cake base, I used a recipe from All Recipes.

For the Peanut Butter frosting, I used Wilton's recipe, will a lot less sugar. That's why the frosting's not as fluffy and pretty.

No one will eat them if I used all four cups of sugar!

The cupcakes turned out ok, the white cake baked differently though when I used a foil cupcake liner as opposed to a paper liner. They browned a bit more with the foil liners and there is a "sad streak" or some underbaked portion in the middle top part of the cake. Which usually is found on old fashioned pound cakes.

I have a few ideas to improve this recipe as well. Will keep you posted!

For my Devil's Food Cupcake, I used Martha Stewart's recipe. Which was great and super moist. I've never baked with sour cream before since I have a few trepidations, but this recipe put my fears at ease. I may never use another Devil's Food recipe ever again :-)

Wilton's Chocolate Buttercream recipe is the bomb! Be sure to use Dutch process Cocoa though, for that ultimate chocolatey smell and taste. As usual, I cut the powdered sugar WAY down, to reduce the sweetness. I can't pipe roses by doing that but, the icing will have the less "sawa" factor.

Do you hear that? ......

That's my jeans popping open.....

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