Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Via Mare in BF

It has been such a hectic two months. Sneaking a date with hubby proves to be harder than I thought. It’s funny that we have to really make time for such simple dates. With our schedules practically on opposite timezones, hubby and I hardly have time so really sit down and share a leisurely meal together.

We finally got the chance to grab a quick lunch together in BF after such a super hectic morning. Via Mare recently opened its doors to the residents of BF. They are located near Starbucks (where Mocha Blends used to be).

Feeling famished, hot and tired, Via Mare was the perfect choice for Filipino comfort food. The puto-bumbong actually is what draws hubby to their restaurant.

We ordered quite a lot! We convince ourselves that we need that much sustenance to make up for such a super hectic day.

Hubby had the Lugaw Toppings, rice porridge with an assortment of toppings like tofu, wanton chips, pork "litid", pork flakes and others. He paired it with Tokwa’t Baboy. Tofu and Pork ‘face” stewed in vinegar, garlic, onions and soy sauce.


Hubby’s partial to rice porridge and he considers it his go-to comfort food. It probably stems from his college days in La Salle where he would spend practically spend most afternoons, eating goto, lugaw ang matang baka (cow’s eyes, yeah I know, eeeew, right? Ha ha ha) near the LRT station. I know this story because he would often share it with me when he’s feeling nostalgic about his nerdy youth, ha ha ha! Surprisingly, our paths never crossed during our college days despite living in the same village and studying in the same area (I studied in St. Scho).

Anyway, back to the present, I ordered the Crab Omelette served with rice and Lumpiang Togue. Huge but delicious. I miss eating fried food!

If the above food wasn’t enough, we ordered some Oysters Boursin, too. Baked oysters with lots of cheese. Oysters and cheese, you cant go wrong.

Of course we had the Puto-Bumbong as well. Puto Bumbong is local “kakanin” or rice- based dessert. Usually made from “pirurutong” or purple sticky rice that has been soaked overnight and ground to create a clay-like concistency and then steamed in specailly made steamers with two tubes protruding. I know all this from theory only, I have never attempted to make Puto Bumbong, to the utter dismay of hubby, ha ha ha :-)


ericbau said...

I wish there was a puto-bumbong stand near the house or office open till very late nights, even outside of Christmas season...

Then again, I could theoretically convince my wife to take up the fine art of cooking this delicacy...

Wishful thinking?

Leica said...

I can be convinced... Ha ha ha :-)

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

the crabmeat omelette looks so yummy!! i love via mare's puto bumbong, luglog and guinataang halo halo.. so yummy!