Monday, February 22, 2010

Caprese Pan de Sal

I would rather be eating tocino, tapa and lonnganisa every morning. If it weren’t for my arteries possibly being clogged before I turn the big 4-0, I would gladly devour the cholesterol laden typical Pinoy breakfast on a daily basis or maybe have BACON, my favorite breakfast of all time, everyday. I am only allowing myself to eat bacon when we are on vacation (I do have some self-control left). If you happen to see someone piling bacon on her plate in a hotel buffet somewhere, that would probably be me. Please say hello :-)

Anyway, I’m running out of ideas for breakfast, which I make myself on weekends. I’ve made pancakes, champorado, fritattas, goto, arroz caldo, omelettes, fresh fruit platters, hot dogs (I’m human too, I give in to the temptation once in a while), corned beef, German pancakes, even. I also have to cut down hubby’s cholesterol intake, so that’s an extra challenge, less eggs, less or no butter and possibly no fried and pork items on the menu. I can’t serve oatmeal because hubby gags on the mere sight of it. Anything whole wheat gets thrown in the trash. Soymilk? Forget about it. Hubby already sneaks in eggs during the week. Hubby is quite simply such a big baby when it comes to restricting his diet.

Pan de Sal is readily available, freshly baked, every morning, from the neighborhood panaderia (or bread bakery). I made Pan de Sal Caprese last weekend. It’s pan de sal, with a spread of pesto, sliced tomatoes, fresh basil leaves from my garden, mozzarella and a splash of balsamic. I liked it, a change from the usual breakfast and quite fresh tasting. Hubby on the other hand, hated it because of the pesto. I took pity on him and made him eat Pan de Sal with tuna instead.

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