Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Family Lunch

For Valentine's Day itself, hubby and I decided to host a family lunch for our families. It's been quite a while since both families shared lunch together and we beleive that Valentine's Day is a fitting time to host a simple get-together at home.

We had simple dishes that are familiar and comforting to everyone. I didn't make anything gourmet-y or new. My mom and I relegated most of the cooking to the housekeepers. Most of the dishes turned out ok. Mom insested that they would have tasted better if she made them herself, but we were "feeling senyoritas" and were a bit lazy to toil in the kitchen, he he he.

Our Valentine's weekend was so nice. Hubby and I had a really relaxing date at Antonio's the day before and on Valentine's Day itself, we had family over.

Hope your Valentine's weekend was as happy as ours!