Thursday, July 31, 2008

Singapore: Day 2

Another day here in Singapore. Another day of exploring.

I got my hands on the "must see" site brochure here at the hotel. I mentally ticked all the places that I've been to so far (from last year's vacation and this year), Chinatown? Check. Little India? Check. Merlion Park? Check. Snow City? Check. Clark Quay? Check. Boat Quay? What? It's not the same as Clark Quay?

My first agenda for the day is go to Boat Quay. It was ten a.m. hoping to have breakfast there. The shops are closed and won't be open 'till noon! No worries, I took pictures instead.

Boat Quay. Check!

My next stop was to see Lau Pa Sat, the last victorian filiglee building in Singapore. While at the MRT, a decided to get off a Dhoby Gaut instead and with the good intention of visiting Lau Pa sat later in the afternoon. The lure of shopping at Orchard road is much stronger. I am too weak to resist! I got some stuff for hubby and myself.

My shopping philosophy is simple... if I like a certain dress, shoe or whatever, I always ask myself, "Can I find something like that in SM, for the same price or cheaper?" If the answer is yes, I don't buy it. For extreme tightwads, the next question would be "Can I live without it?" If I answered that question, I wouldn't be able to travel or buy anything. So, I always leave that question out :-)

After wrestling with myself for what to buy and what not to buy, I was exhausted and proceeded to go back to the hotel and sleep it off! Hubby found me fast asleep at 6 in the evening.

We make out way to the Boat Quay again because I wasn't able to eat there earlier. Be sure to come early,if you want a riverside table, the places get full arond 7:30 p.m. If you come ealy, the "barkers" (people urging you to look at their menu) will offer you a 20-30% discount and a free drink. If they don't ask for it anyway. Most of the restaurants serve seafood, beer and Indian food. We decided to eat at the Heaven's seafood, wherea Filipina barker gave us a 20% discount and two free drinks. Everything that we ordered were really good.

The Green mango salad was fresh, soft yet crispy.

The scallops were huge and really good.

The Buttered Praws were juicy and fresh. Served with fried Thai basil and fried bell peppers.

The restaurants here are not cheap. You can easily spend US$100 per meal for two but the experience and the freshness of the meal can't be beat. The lobsters, crabs, fish and prawns are all alive before they are cooked.

Hubby and I walked back to our hotel. The night was hot but still breezy. Hubby stopped for some ice cream.

He took some photos of me too.

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ericbau said...

If you dont watch out, your Boat Quay food bill will make you swoon. But we will return on our next trip and try another al-fresco resto there.