Friday, July 25, 2008

Indian Food!

I was intimidated by Indian food before. I always had the pre-conceived notion that Indian food is nothing but curry and spice. I learned that I love it when hubby and I attended a dinner party hosted by one hubby's expatriate co-worker. From that moment on, I declared Indian food, one of my favorite dishes :-)

Two nights ago, my aunt, my mom, hubby and myself had dinner at Swagat Indian Cuisine, just walking distance from my mom's condo. The place doesn't look much but the food is good.

We had Cucumber Raita. Whipped yoghurt with cucumbers and light spices. We dipped our Naan (flat Indian bread) on it. It's so good, I wanted to drink it up, he he he :-)

Vegetable Birayani, Indian fried rice with vegetables.

Chicken Tikka Masala, a mild chicken curry dish in a tomato-based sauce.

Dal Palak, lentils with spinach. It's like the indian version of gininang munggo :-) very good also.

Shrimp curry.

The best combination is shrimp curry and chicken tikka masala sauce, it's kinda "kanin-baboy" looking but it's really good :-)



Random Possum said...

I also had an Indian Feast the other day in the office with my colleagues...sure hit the spot.

I heart Indian Food!

ericbau said...

The place is definitely worth another visit, and trying items in the menu we've never ordered before !