Friday, July 25, 2008

Dinner Date with Hubby

Hubby and I had a date last weekend. WE wanted to try the new Mediterrenean joint in West gate. It's Called Sophia's. It's the brainchild of Chef Mervin (formerly of Piccolo Mondo in BF). We've always loved his pastas and we were eager to try his newest restaurant venture.

The place is small and intimate. Hubby and I both love Greek cuisine and we were eager to try some.

For starters we had the Tsatsiki. A traditional Greek dip made with Greek youghurt and cucumbers. Their version wasn't up to par and we didn't enjoy it. It was way too watery. I don't recommend this.

Hubby ordered the beef gyro. He seemed to love it, since the beef is very juicy and tender. They don't get any points for presentation though :-)

I ordered the Beef Kebab, served with salad and three dips of Greek youghurt, pesto and chili sauce. I ordered this because I saw Chef Mervin personally manning the grill, and I was glad that I ordered it, the beef was melt-in-your-mouth tender. I highly recommend this. I just wish their portions are bigger :-)

After dinner, hubby and I felt "bitin" from our meal since the servings at Sophia's were small. We decided to have dessert at Cafe Breton, a crepe place also within Westgate.

Hubby and I shared The Chicken Run. Four pieces of whole wheat toast topped with grilled chicken, mushrooms, asparagus and bechamel sauce. Yummy! Best shared with a loved one.

After the chicken run, hubby still felt hungry! He ordered La pInay, a dessert crepe with mangoes, topped with Mantecado ice cream and chocolate sauce. Hubby must have felt so ravenous, he asked the waiter to double up the crepe AND the ice cream. Yikes! Talk about double trouble.

I had one of my favorite comfort food, crepe with condensed milk. Yummeee!

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ericbau said...

Some of the items at Sophia's are a bit on the over-priced side, as some are served in small than usual portions.

Cafe Breton's always a winner. Their crepes (all dessert variants) and brewed coffee are very good !