Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sonya's Garden

A balikbayan’s visit to the Philippines is never complete without visiting Sonya’s garden at least once. We were off to Tagaytay this weekend to bring Tita Cora there.

We go there for the fresh salad ingredients picked from their own gardens, the salty and crunchy broad beans, fresh fruits like sweet mangoes and jackfruit, super yummy and rich salad dressing and the beautiful gardens blooming with flowers this time of year. Some flowers even made it to our salad and cake!


The menu is unchanged all these years. Be sure that when you go visit, you are in the mood for the salad, freshly baked breads with assorted dips of anchovies, kesong puti, tomatoes and basil pesto. Their pasta is not very good so load up on the salads, bread and chocolate cake. Afterall, you can ask for endless refills.

Check out our pics!

That's my mom with her sister, Tita Cora. Lovely smiles from two lovely ladies.

Group shot for posterity. Hubby towering over all of us :-)

And our guest of honor in various areas of the property.

Even hubby couldn't resist having his photo taken with this unusual plant!

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