Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good Friday

Our day started early. Hubby and I picked up mom and Tita Cora right after breakfast and proceeded the long drive to Tagaytay. By lunch time, we have not reached our destination yet and decided to have lunch at Leslie’s. We had Bulalo, Sizzling Kang-kong (water spinach), Grilled Hito (catfish), Sizzling seafood, fresh coconuts in their shell (refreshing!) The bulalo is great, very tender and ultra yummy. Extra rice and soup please!

After a sumptuous lunch, we posed and took some pictures and proceeded to our destinations.

Caleruega, a lovely little church located on top of a mountain. It’s owned by the Dominican Monks here in the Philippines and is a very sought after wedding venue. It truly is a wonderful place, with it’s lovely little church and the grounds are beautifully landscaped with various trees, flowers and shrubs.

Not to mention the fantastic mountain views!

After Caleruega, we also went to Don Bosco Church, called the church on top of a hill also within the area. It was jam-packed with locals and tourists attending the seven last words. Sorry, no pics :-)

Since it was still quite early, we decided to explore further to the Batangas area. There were several Pico de Loro signboards along the highway and we decided to try and see it. After driving for almost an hour, we got distracted by a huge sign for Kawayan Cove. We knew that it was an exclusive residential community there with it’s own cove. We decided to inquire about the property and we were toured within the community.

Kawayan Cove as I mentioned is a private community comprising of only 300 lots ranging from 500sq. meters to as high as 2,000 square meters. We were impressed with the community’s development. We were told that actors and politicians are not allowed to purchase properties there to assure the residents’ privacy and to maintain the zen-like environment.

The cove itself is very beautiful with fine light beige sand (considered white already, but not as white as Boracay or Bohol’s). The water is calm and very clear.

Kawayan Cove also holds the Guiness’ Book of World Records for having the biggest Rosary in the world. The rosary is a series of stones, carefully placed on top of a cliff overlooking the sea. Hubby counted each one of the stones and pronounced the "rosary" complete. The marble cross at the end is what I was standing on to take Tita Cora's picture sitting one one of the stones of the famous Rosary.

The cliff also has the most wonderful sunset that I’ve ever seen. Perfect setting for a wedding!

This sight alone is worth the many millions that you will spend buying a lot there and many more millions building a home.

Imagine, sunset views like these…for the rest of your days……

Teka, tataya lang ako sa lotto!

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