Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Black Saturday

Since we were not able to reach Pico de Loro the previous day, hubby decided to check it out on our own anyway. It’s about 2 ½ hours’ drive from our place barring any traffic. The roads are very good. We later found out that the roads starting from Punta Fuego has been developed by SM Prime, the developer of Pico de Loro.

Pico de Loro is also a premium community development along the Hamilo Coast in Batangas. The entire property is around 5,6oo hectares of mountains and coastlines, totaling 13 coves.

Hubby and I were very impressed with the property. As soon as you step out of your car, you will hear birds chirping and a lot of kuliglig. A testament to its natural beauty. We were evem more impressed with the cove. The water is very calm, almost like a lake, the cove here is much bigger tha Kawayan Cove’s. We were greeted with cold towels when we arrived at Pico Point. Pico point provides an bird’s eye view of the property. Here are some pics:

I love it there. Pico de Loro partnered with WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) in preserving the environment. Only the flat areas will be developed. The mountains will be untouched except for some hiking trails that will be partially cleared. I personally hope that they keep the beauty of this place. Because I fell in love with it as soon as I stepped out of the car. I even saw a yellow bird with blue wings flying over our car!

The beach is also light beige (considered as white already), it’s much bigger than Kawayan Cove’s and there’s a clubhouse right in front where you can dine and relax while watching your kids frolic on the beach. They also have a lot of interesting facilities like 3 (yes, three) infinity pools overlooking the ocean, a country club, a man-made salt-water lake in the middle of the development (as if there isn’t enough water already!). The first phase of the development is currently under construction, parts of the condomiums and the clubhouse are already on their way and are due to be completed within this year. Here's a picture of the clubhouse, still under construction:

To seal the deal, our agent took us to the neighboring cove, by banca (outrigger boat). It’s a ten-minute banca ride (which can be reached by foot in the future, when the hiking trail is already developed). Here the sand is really white. It’s a smaller cove and there were a lot of fishes swimming in the shallows, I was so happy I went.

On the way back to Pico de Loro, I noticed in the deeper part of the ocean (about 30 or so feet), I could see the corals below. That’s how clear the water was! Perfect for swimming and snorkeling (which I love love to do).

I know I’m sounding like an agent (but I assure you, I am not). But I felt so happy there. One of the nice things about it also is that, you can take a an hour’s boat ride from Mall of Asia, dock at Papaya Cove, (also within the property), and be at Pico de Loro in no time at all. Stay for a few hours and be back home in Manila for dinner. Of course, you cannot do that if you’re not a homeowner :-)

If I had P3.5 million to spare, I would have bought a small unit right then and there.

Maka taya nga ulit sa lotto!

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