Friday, March 28, 2008

Rack's is Back!

I have fond memories of Rack’s. I remember my dad treating us to dinner there right after my college graduation. It was one of the hottest restaurants then.

Sadly, they closed their doors for a few years and have now recently opened a branch in Magallanes. I found out about it a few months ago when by brother excitedly told me about it. Rack’s ranks among my bro’s most favorite restaurant places.

I love baby back ribs. Specially if I don’t have to grill it myself. He he he. I found a nice recipe on baked baby back ribs which I hope to make soon.

Anyway, I digress… Hubby and I both love falling off the bone baby back ribs and Rack’s has always been our rib joint of choice. It’s delicious and reasonably priced, unlike Tony Roma’s who will charge you a thousand bucks for not so great tasting ribs, yech!

Our thousand bucks (with change) is better spent at Rack’s. It got us two orders of half rack baby back ribs with three sidings of coleslaw, mac ‘n cheese, baked beans and iced tea.

We also ordered their House salad with candied pili nuts in raspberry vinaigrette. The dressing’s a tad too sweet though.

Overall, the ribs are very tender, falling-off the bone and thankfully, they haven’t changed their recipe.

As the saying goes.... Don’t fix it if ain’t broke :-)


ericbau said...

Welcome back, old friend.

Toni said...

Raaaaaaaaacks! Their sauce is THE BEST. :D

Leica said...

Yup, you said it, their barbecue sauce is a winner!

Anonymous said...