Wednesday, March 19, 2008

People's Palace

I've never eaten in People's Palace before. It's a posh Thai restaurant located on Greenbelt 3. Tita Socky treated us to a fantastic lunch there. We happened to bump to my brother and his family strolling around Greenbelt and their joined us for this sumptuous lunch.

For starters we had a Shrimp and Pomelo salad with peanuts, cilantro, mint, coconut shavings and some coconut cream. Their version is not the usual shrimp and pomelo salad that I make at home. The coconut meat shavings and cream add another dimension to the dish.

We also ordered some Pandan Chicken for the kids. Just to make sure that they will eat. The seem to love it and finished almost everything. It's also an added novelty that they have to peel off the pandan to get to the chicken.

Next was called Morning Glory. It's a variety of water spinach (we think) sauteed with pork, kaffir limes and some secret herbs and spices. This is my favorite among the bunch. Not too spicy, very delicious and light.

We also ordered The Chicken Green Curry. It's got a kick! The chicken in stewed in a light curry sauce with Kaffir limes and eggplant. I like this dish as well but maybe next time, I'll ask them to hold the chilies.

We also ordered Vietnamese spring rolls, which is a nice balance to the spicy dishes that we ordered. Light and crispy and the sauce is sweet and tangy.

The Sauteed Mussels was also a hit. I wish they served it in bigger portions!

The rice is unlimited, which probably is a good thing since most of the dishes are spicy. Better watch out, before you know it, you've eaten heaps and heaps of rice to negate all that spiciness :-)

Overall, the food is good, and the taste of the kaffir limes add a taste of freshness to their dishes. The ambiance is sosy with a number of expats and executives dining there during lunch hour .

If you like Thai food, People's Park is the place for you.

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Random Possum said...

you got me for sure tomorrows lunch will be THAI FOOD!

miss you mucho.