Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Third Day in Hong Kong - Ocean Park and Causeway Bay

We had such a full day at Disney, it was unanimously decided that the family needed to sleep in a bit and agreed to converge at the hotel lobby at a more respectable time, 11am.

For breakfast, hubby and I went to McDonald's. If you close your eyes, you would think that you're in Manila! Every Filipino in that area seemed to be having breakfast at McDonald's :-) I wonder, is there an unwritten rule among us Filipinos that we should have breakfast there? Just asking ;-)

We had some delays at the hotel due to some airport transportation concerns. We eventually left around noon. Ocean Park is open from 10:00a.m. to 10:00p.m.

To go to Ocean Park, take the MTR and alight at Admiralty station. There is a bus terminal there where you can purchase bus and park tickets for HK$20 and HK$208, respectively.

We were all very excited particularly because of the cable car experience. It will be a first for all the kids and some of the adults in the group.

When we arrived, Ocean Park was very crowded, and we couldn't enjoy most of the attractions due to long lines and rude Chinese people pushing everyone around. The kids did enjoy some of the attractions though. The mine train was a hit with hubby and Tim, the Raging river was a hit with Nica, the Atoll Reef was a huge hit for most of us despite over crowding. Jay-jay liked the Shark aquarium and the Dolphin show as well.

For hubby and I, we took a leisurely tour of the Aviary since we missed that last year. We were both fascinated with the birds casually perched on trees and some birds bathing in the man-made stream inside the aviary. One particular bird almost pooped on me, I was just inches away when he dropped his bomb! I love the aviary.

The place was so crowded, the escalators broke down....twice. We also didn't get to ride the cable car since the lines were extremely long and the staff urged patrons to take a free bus ride to get to the other side, which we didn't explore anymore.

I wish Ocean Park limits its park patrons on weekends. We were literally packed like sardines! I love Ocean Park and I always go there whenever I'm in Hong Kong. Try to visit the park on a weekday when it's less chaotic and remember to wear extremely comfortable shoes. The terrain is mostly uphill and you will need legs of steel to traverse through Ocean Park's pedestrian lanes.

After a gruelling afternoon at Ocean Park, we travel by bus to Admiralty and took the MTR to Causway Bay. There we browsed through Toys 'r Us and the surrounding shops. Tita Socky met us for dinner at a swanky Shabu-shabu place inside Fashion Walk. Unfortunately, since everyone was very busy cooking their meals, no one bothered to take pictures. The meal was great and the sukiyaki soup that accompanied the shabu-shabu was excellent.

After a heavy and healthy meal, and despite aching feet and short tempers, we still gamely walked the streets of Causway Bay, browsed around the malls, tried things on and walked, walked, walked. Here I am with my mom at Sasa after we've tried almost all their perfumes :-) My head was spinning after spraying and smelling all the perfume. Neither one of us bought one :-) he he he. I was extremely tempted to buy a bottle but resisted the urge. I'm such a good girl :-)


ericbau said...

Believe you me, Hong Kong is a place that is very hard to get tired of for very long. =)

ericbau said...

By the way, I dont get one red cent for plugging HK like this... On the contrary, HK seems to always max out my credit card... =)