Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Mom's 50 Somethin' Birthday

My mom celebrated her 50 somethin' birthday last Sunday. It was unanimously agreed that the family will converge in OLP, the new family hang out. Her new dining set arrived just in time for her party! Check out her new fabulous digs.

Tita Socky, hubby and I were invited for lunch, a quiet time with just the four of us before the children arrive. For this simple meal, my mom made tilapia fillet steamed with onions, tomatoes and a generous bunch of cilantro. Heavenly! I am definitely duplicating this dish at home. Very easy, healthy and super yummy! She also bought beef steak tagalog and lechon paksiw from the Legaspi Sunday market just a few steps away from her condo.

Just because mom's living in a condo, doesn't mean we can't have a feast! The housekeeper from LP grilled some pork and chicken barbecue for us to bring to OLP, We had Pancit Malabon, Puto Pao (the dough is a cross between a puto and siopao) with salted egg and cheese topping, mom made her famous creamy fruit salad and I baked some brownies with walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts. Decadent!

Here are some of the fun pics at the pool with the kids.

Happy birthday, Ma! We love yah!


ericbau said...

The fish is the dish to beat! =)

P said...

Humberdee to Bebo! :-)