Saturday, November 17, 2007

One Legaspi Place (OLP), A New Family Hangout

My mom moved to her new digs, located just a hop away from Greenbelt and Glorietta, One Legaspi Place (fondly called OLP) is a great condominium community. My mom fell in love with the place as soon she saw it. My mom's in condo heaven due to it's spacious layout and even more fabulous location. The location is perfect for my mom because she loves to take walks and walking around Makati's malls, parks and weekend markets are always interesting and fun. We also checked out the goods at the Sunday Legaspi Market, just a few steps from her building. After living in the suburbs for 20 plus years, she welcomes this new change of pace.

The family converged in OLP last weekend and had another gab fest. We had some adobo made by the housekeeper in LP and some Chinese food ordered from a restaurant. Despite not having my mom's usual culinary masterpieces, we still enjoyed the food and each other's company. All of us pitched in with the cleanup.

We also talked about, watched home-made movies of our recent Hong Kong trip and reminisced about the fun and adventures we had there. Can't wait to go back! He he he. The kids also had a grand time frolicking in the pool. The pool is always a hit with the kids. My nephew Tim, played his kuya role to the hilt by watching over our little Ashley and kept her safe during their afternoon swim. My mom gave him a reward of chocolates and hot dogs for being such a good boy. There are also an outdoor and indoor play area which Ashley took advantage of. New toys to play with!

Here's a short slideshow/movie of our very first Sunday gathering at OLP:

Watch out for more fun posts about OLP, our new favorite family hang out.


ericbau said...

Nice place, with Makati at your doorstep!

Socky said...

Actually the condo is called One Legaspi Park :-)