Friday, November 30, 2007

Makati Malls on Foot

Today is the second day of our cosmopolitan lifestyle, hubby had asked to walk around the nearby malls. He was a bit uncomfortable roaming around the Makati area without a car. Since my mom's condo is so near everything, bringing a car around is absolutely unnecessary. The weather's a bit cloudy today which is perfect for walking here.

Our first stop was lunch. Hubby's choice was a Chinese restaurant called David's Tea House in Greenbelt 1. We've never dined here before (we're from the suburbs remember?). The restaurant was almost full when we arrived. A good sign that the food must be decent. The crowd is a happy mix of families, couples, friends and expatriates. Appealing across the board, if you will.

For starters, we had the Hakaw, a shrimp dumpling. The menu said that it's 90% shrimps and we were happy to find out that they didn't lie. This dim sum is a favorite of ours. Their version is very good and we would definitely order it again.

Hubby had the Beef Ball Dim sum. Reminiscent of our first venture into HK's street food. The beef ball was also good and quite heavy. Hubby wolfed down every single one. Another winner. I'm particularly not very fond of this dim sum since it's quite dense and heavy for me. But I sneaked a teeny tiny piece and I liked it.

Next, is Chicken Feet. Adidas, as fondly called here. It's chicken feet marinated in spices and tausi (black beans) and then steamed until the skin and tendons are almost falling off the bone. Also a favorite of mine. David's version is a tad too spicy. I would order something else in its place next time.

For main courses, hubby and I both ordered congee. I had the beef congee, hubby had the asado congee. Both were equally good and the servings were huge. Hubby liked the congee so much, he ate half of mine as well :-)

The food's reasonably priced as well. We ended up forking over just P500 for everything. Not bad.

David's Tea House? It's good eats.

After a very heavy lunch, we needed to walk off the extra calories we just ingested. We toured around Greenbelt, going through the lovely parks and busy walkways and the newly opened and swanky Greenbelt 5.

Hubby salivated over some electronic goods and laptops. I salivated over some kitchen gadgets as well. After getting our visual fill of the new gadgets available in the market (we didn't buy anything), we make our way to the supermarket to buy some groceries and some junk food that hubby insists that we need. We ended up with five bags of food and supplies!

After walking back home, hubby said to me "I'm likin' the Makati lifestyle"

I hear ya, hubby!


ericbau said...

Now if only the condo units in our preferred locations are more to our price reach, then maybe...just maybe. =)

The best piece of electronics I saw today was the 103-inch HD 1080p plasma TV by Panasonic on display at Anson's. That's right, that's not a typo: 103 inches! Complete with sound system. All yours for a very cool PhP3.2million. I wonder if they'll allow 0% interest installment?

Pass the popcorn.

For a little more down-to-earth pieces of electronics, check out the Bang & Olufsen store in G5. The BeoLab 7-4 center speaker, BeoVision 7-40 plasma display, plus the optional tilting/swiveling stand will set you back only PhP1.2million.

Pass the salt.

P said...

Did you mean "Pass the smelling salts?" Nakakalula naman yan!

ericbau said...

By the way, the tilting/swiveling stand for the BeoVision 7-40 is all-power, with remote. Very handy in case you forgot to wipe off the escargot sauce from your hands.

Leica was shocked that I asked about the features of the items on display (knowing full well the prices will be astronomical), let alone enter the B & O store in the first place.

Ah, yes... think about it... the prices we pay for sleek-looking equipment with innards made from mostly sand... hehehe

Random Possum said...

hoy ginugutom mo nanaman ako...sarap!!!

miss you and I wish i'm with you guys sa mga lafangs :-)