Sunday, November 25, 2007

Enchanted Evening with Hubby

Date night. Movie night. I managed to coerce hubby to watch the Disney family movie, Enchanted, with moi. I love this movie, I'm such a sucker for Disney, romantic comedies with happy endings. See it, enjoy it. The happiness will stay with you for days ;-)


ericbau said...
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ericbau said...

As they say: don't knock it 'til you try it.

Disney did something right: this movie earned more than US$50million total over the Thanksgiving weekend. If only I had 10% of that sum... =)

P said...

Hi! Rama and I saw this, too! Loved it. Susan Sarandon is awesome. I also like the musical number at the park. Rama thought Prince Edward looked like Wesley, of Princess Bride. Yes, some resemblance there. She also asked why Giselle was laughing when se was angry. And wasn't Nathaniel Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter 3?

Leica said...

Yes, he's Peter Pettigrew. We recognized him as well. Bagay siya maging villain :-)

We loved the central park number as well. It probably was a hard scene to film, with all the miron and everything.