Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Birthday Dinner with Hubby

First of all, thank to everyone who sent emails, phone calls, text messages and personal greetings for my birthday. I'm so touched that you remembered :-) My cellphone was beeping 'till midnight!

I'm so happy, hubby's finally home from his week-long business trip.

Prior to his arrival, he mentioned that he bought three gifts for me and hinted that they were for our home. The idea of him buying anything for the house, scared me. His track record for buying such things is let's say, something to be desired. I love hubby dearly but when it comes to choosing home accessories, he's absolutely useless.

The minute I saw him, he had a big bag from Ikea, one of my most favorite stores. I said to myself that maybe this time hubby hit it right on the mark. And he did! he bought me stainless steel sauce pan, casserole and a platinum teflon frying pan. I was very happy! I was looking at similar things at the mall the other day but decided not to purchase them yet. Hubby even bought a ton of dark chocolates for me to use for my icing recipes. I'm so happy, happy, happy. Happy that hubby's home safely, happy that he made it just in time for my birthday and happy that he bought me gifts that I loved :-)

For dinner, we dined at Hula-Hula Hawaiian Restaurant . It's a small Hawaiian fusion restaurant located in Westgate, Alabang. They serve mostly Asian and American dishes with a Hawaiian twist.

For starters, we ordered the Mussels Wasabi Salsa. It's six pieces of baked mussels with chunky tomato salsa topped with cheese. This was not very good for one simple reason, there's hardly any wasabi in the salsa. It's also overpriced at P200++ per order.

Next, the Pomelo Salad. It's a combination of pomelos, mangoes, iceberg lettuce, fried wonton wrapper with a Thai dressing (lime, patis, sugar, pepper etc) and generously sprinkled with sesame seeds. This salad is so wrong on so many levels. One, the salad was served warm. Two, the mangoes are over riped. Three there's just way too much sesame seeds. Lastly, the dressing is weak, it just tasted like water with a squirt of calamansi. Way overpriced for P200++ per order.

For our main course, we had Mess of Steaks with Smoked Manila Basting and sidings of Baked Beans and Macaroni Salad. The steaks themselves are very good, light and just have the right amount of smoky taste to it. The baked beans has cumin in it and not too bad, a different twist to your usual baked beans. The macaroni salad is also good (but not as good as mine or my mom's). A good buy at P275++. The Mess of Stakes is cravable and it's the best selling entree on the menu.

For dessert we had Coco Pannacota Mango Rum and Buko Lychee Sherbet. As you can see from the photo below, the Buko Lychee was served with a fork. What are we supposed to do, spear the sherbet?

The Coco Pannacota is served with a meringue on top. The custard itself is just maja blanca but without the corn. An ordinary dessert, dressed up to look like something special.

I'm not sure if we'll eat here again. The Mess of Steaks is good but the rest of the stuff that we ordered were duds. The jury's still out.

After dinner, we make our way around the next curb, a five-minute moonlit walk through a small park with a cute little fountain to Bali Blends Cafe. A restaurant and coffee shop that serves Asian dishes and Asian inspired coffees and teas. I ordered the Spiced Chai Latte. Chai is traditionally prepared by boiling loose tea in milk and water. I've never had this before and I was game to try it. I liked it, it's like drinking a cappuccino but with tea and cinnamon.

Hubby had the Minty Caramel Mocha Iced Coffee. This one is also good with just a hint of mint. Not too overpowering.

Hubby was also intrigued by their Banana Parcel. A steamed dessert of glutenous rice and bananas with a drizzling chocolate sauce. It's their version of "suman". Light and not too sweet.

Despite the misadventure in Hula-Hula, our date was very happy, filled with love, laughter and meaningful conversations.

I got the best gift when we got home, an hour-long massage from hubby! I wish it was my birthday every single day :-)


Random Possum said...

sweet n'yo talaga, and i miss you guys so much!

Bearbrick Lover: said...

Belated Happy birthday, Leica! :-)