Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Day of Pampering

Butchie and I agreed to meet up in LP for a simple lunch and just planned to stay the whole day there and be lazy :-)

After a sumptuous meal of Monggo with prawns and fried Tilapia, we decided to hit the mall instead. Our destination was Alabang Town Center, just a few minutes' drive from LP.

Our first stop was to buy some pasalubong for Butchie's friends back in the US. We scored some really nice native items that were cute and reasonably priced.

Next stop was David's salon for a hair treatment. Butchie was curious about the hair spa treatment that I had told him about previously. He spent an hour getting his hair deeply conditioned and shoulder and back massage while I read a food magazine in the salon's lobby.

With Butchie's hair deeply conditioned and soft as a baby's hair, we make our way to Shakey's for some sustenance. Butchie's been craving for Shakey's since he got here so it's only natural that we eat there at the earliest chance that we get. We ordered Spaghetti, Carbonara and Friday's Special (shrimp, anchovies and mushrooms) pizza with extra green bell peppers. Butchie wasn't too keen about the anchovies initially but he loved the pizza in the end.

A bit tired and sleepy from all the shopping, massage and food, we make our way back to LP only to be sidetracked again by the lure of a pedicure in my favorite neighborhood salon. Butchie got his pedicure and a foot massage and I got a haircut. In the middle of our treatments, there was a power outage. I thought that I was gonna go home with half a haircut. Fortunately the power came back on almost immediately. Close call! Do you like my new layered haircut? :-)

After all that pampering, we make our way to Baliwag Lechon to buy some pork barbecue for dinner. My car smelled like smoked pork the entire drive to LP.



Random Possum said...
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Random Possum said...

i love your do...and my top and toes are happpy!!!

im still HIGH on life :-)

thank you for another wonderful day rock!

Leica said...

You are very welcome. I had fun today too.

ericbau said...

Glad you guys enjoyed your "relaxation" day. =)