Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm Baaack!!!!

After putting off buying a computer, we finally did it! We were forced to buy a new one since my dinosaur is in computer heaven, aka dead.

No, hubby's not building a bomb in this picture, he's making butingting his new toy. Hopefully I will be able to pry him off it within the day so that I can try it out. In the meantime, I am commandeering his laptop to make this post.

For the past two nights, hubby couldn't sleep. Thoughts of the new computer kept him awake. I know for sure he was excited. Why wouldn't he be? He's an IT Operations Manager for crying out loud. He eats, breathes and talks nothing but computers. Poor thing he did his best to educate me. In the days leading to our purchase, he kept discussing with me about dual cores versus quad cores, motherboards, OS and whatever. My eyes glazed over halfway through most of his monologues. For the life of me I couldn't inject an intelligent technical reply.

For a computer idiot like me, I was just concerned about a few things: one, is it faster than my previous dinosaur? (ideally, must be at least 50% faster). Two, will it allow me to browse the web faster? Three, can I install an editing software for my pictures and homemade movies? Lastly, how much will that thing cost? I'm a simpleton, what can I say? My requirements are practical.

The answer to my first three questions were all yes and more. The new one is 60% faster that will allow me to browse and process documents faster and more efficiently (now the computer is too fast for our browser). The cost wasn't bad either, hubby was able to find the best bang for our buck.

Hubby's happy and hasn't stopped smiling yet. I even got a really good and long massage from him last night as a thanks for agreeing to purchase the top of the line specs.

Hmmm... wonder what rewards I'll get when we buy a new laptop?


Socky said...

So well-written, Leica. That computer looks like a mean machine. Now, I hope you're on DSL para hindi sayang ang speed of your new toy.

Leica said...

Thanks! We are on WeRoam by Smart Wireless. It's issued by the office so we shouldn't really complain because it's free :-)

Bearbrick Lover: said...

What a funny post :-)... Welcome back, Leica!