Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lunch with My BFF

My birthday weekend continues. I spent Sunday lunch with my BFF of 24 years. Jhon-ann. I know, very unusual name.

We started being friends in 1984 when my family moved from Quezon City to BF Homes Paranaque. It was the middle of the school year and I was uprooted from my previous alma mater. This girl, Jhon-ann, who sat beside me, befriended me immediately. We were inseprable up to our senior year in high school when we had a falling out. Up to this day, for the life of us, we couldn't remember why. We just laugh about it and blame it on our youth. But we quickly kiss and made up before graduation and our friendship became stronger than ever.

Over the years, we have kept in touch in letters, emails, phonecalls, Yahoo Messenger and we would occassionally see each other. We have a type of friendship that no matter how many months we don't see each other, we remain very close. When either one of us is in dire need of a shoulder to cry on, we're there for each other. When one of use experienced triumph over adversity, we cheer each other on. There is no jealousy nor competetion between us, unlike most friendships among women. I guess, it's due to the fact that we're bruttaly honest with each other. We have no qualms about saying constructive cristicisms and neither one of use will take offense.

Long before Paris Hilton coined the phrase "BFF", Jhon-ann and I already had countless letters and trinkets incribed with "Best Friends Forever". So far, the catch phrase remains true to this day.

If one had a soulmate for a friend, I have found mine.

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