Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pink Kitchen, A Benefit Food Festival

Last Saturday, hubby and I met up with Tita Socky and Tita Charo at the Rockwell Tent to attend a charity even for breast cancer. It's called the Pink Kitchen. It was organized by ICanServe and ABS-CBN. Proceeds go to ICanServe, their organization conducts high impact information campaigns for breast cancer awareness, and provides financial assistance for breast cancer patients in treatment. For a donation of P200 per person, one can enter the food festival, a wide array of culinary delights await participants. Some classes on wine (with free wine, I might add) and cooking were also conducted throughout the whole weekend so there's plenty of activities for everyone. Each mealtime (lunch, merienda and dinner) have different sets of dishes made by famous chefs and you get different dishes every time. We spent the whole afternoon in Rockwell mall, shopped and browsed for a while and just went back to the tent for some yummy goodies.

For this culinary adventure, we tried:

Raspberry Chocolate cake and Caribbean Cake (not pictured)

We didn't try the cheesecake (pictured here), since I bake it at home. The cheesecakes look so pretty I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Burmese Soup, a hit with all patrons

And my favorite, Enderun Mesclun salad with edible flowers and red wine vinaigrette.

So many dishes, so little space in my tummy :-(


Socky said...

You missed lunch though! Rob and Sunshine of Gourmandise had Tartine Tatin with Foie Gras - which I was too full to try. I would have wanted you to taste it for me, for the vicarious pleasure of it. Ha-ha! I wanted to try everything actually.

ericbau said...

The salad was a definite must-try, folks! The dressing was spot-on light and right. Now if only it was easy to buy a pack of fresh, edible flowers from your local sari-sari store... =)

ericbau said...

And dont forget those delicious little dessert cakes!

Of course, they dont hold a candle to my wife's cheesecakes and cupcakes...

Leica said...

Yeah, I'm sorry I missed lunch. I would love to have some foie gras since it's been a while since my last one. I'm kinda disappointed I missed the frozen brazo too :-(

Thanks ericbau a.k.a. hubby, you're a suck up but I love you to bits for it :-) ha ha ha

ChichaJo said...

I loved that Burmese soup! It was a definite highlight for me :)