Thursday, August 30, 2007

Family Lunch at Kusina Salud

Sorry took so long to post this. Hubby and I have been sick and had to take it easy for a few days. All is well now :-)

Last Sunday the family (all 14 of us), drove to Kusina Salud for the family's weekend glutton festival. The drive took a total of 1 1/2 hours and 3 cars.

The place was an instant hit with the first timers in the group. It's a traditional Filipino vacation home of old. Antique narra furniture interspersed with batibot chairs, local antique dolls, figurines, capiz windows, orchids and a wide variety of local knick knacks adorn the charming home. Fountains located in several areas provide soothing sounds while you dine. It's type of home that your lola would probably have if she lived in a province in the 1930's.

For this Sunday, Kusina Salud only offered buffet lunch consisting of Filipino Salad (Cucumbers, Okra, Onions, Kangkong in a choice of bagoong alamang or bagoong balayan sauce), Vegetarian Laing, Monggo with Bulalo, Fried Tuyo, Chicken Inasal and Sisig. For dessert, Saba con yelo and sponge cake with matamis na bao. My favorite was the sisig.

Despite only offering buffet that lunch, the restaurant did make us Kulawo (banana heart) Salad with Calamari in Hollandaise Sauce and Pako Salad (fern salad) upon request. Both were absolute winners. The kulawo particularly is the specialty of the house. I've only had this salad there and nowhere else. If you're in the area, a must try.

We also had a fantastic time taking pictures.

On our way home, we all bought stainless steel pitchers and grill from several stores that line the highway. They're much cheaper than what you would buy in a department store and since it's on the way, we all indulged in a little bit of shopping.

My brother Jacob and I even bought some rambutan, freshly picked from the plantation nearby and some lanzones also from the fruit stands found along the highway. Yum!


Bearbrick Lover: said...

Jun has been to Kusina Salud with friends. Unfortunately, I had a shoot when they went. He said that it was very far and as soon as they arrived in Manila, they were hungry again – Haha! I still want to go there though.

Leica said...

You should. Try the kulawo salad. You can only get it there. Well, as far as I know anyway :)

I just wish they served fresh dalandan juice instead of iced tea. More auhentic :)

P said...

Hi, Leica! Glutton-fest talaga. Wondering if they still have that ukay-ukay near the entrance? Honey scored some romance novels there. And for vintage fans, there are racks of old Patis Tesoro dresses.

Leica said...

Yeah, they still have the ukay-ukay type store. We didn't drop by anymore but the last time we were there, they had some curious stuff like antique pitchers and the quintessential porcelain flowers found in old Filipino homes.