Friday, August 24, 2007

An Ambush and Rocky Road Cupcakes

I've been ambushed today! Hubby called me as I was starting to bake my rocky road cupcakes, he, his boss and five (turned out to be around ten or more) of his office mates will drop by the house in one hour. Yikes, talk about pressure! I scramble to make the house presentable and left my rocky road cupcakes to bake later in the afternoon. My dreaded day has finally come, hubby's boss is coming over for some chitchat. I never thought that I would have to get everything organized in one hour! I thought I was going to collapse of stress :-) I have no idea how I cleaned, mopped the floor, washed glasses, organized, taken a bath and blow dried my hair in an hour, but by some miracle I had done it :-)

In my day dreams, I would have welcomed our guests with elegant sandwiches, fancy beverage and served them with a decadent dessert that I baked from scratch. The house will be impeccably clean, filled with flowers and the guests would smell baking cookies in the background (I'm thinking oatmeal and walnut cookies). Instead, hubby robbed me of that fantasy and gave me one hour to have everything ready. Talk about bursting my bubble ;-)

Fortunately I had some pistachios, soda and chocomint cupcakes leftover from my baking experiment the other day. Whew! At least I had something home made to serve them. Our impromptu party was a success nonetheless. The guests seem to like my chocomint cupcakes and I got some compliments on the house. Hubby even called me from work and thanked me for all my efforts. I've demanded to be taken out to dinner later. I ain't cookin' tonight, honey!

After hubby and everyone with him left, I resumed baking my rocky road cupcakes. I used devil's food cake and for the icing, premium dark chocolate ganache with walnuts and mini marshmallows.

Decadent and fun! Let's see what my four year old nephew Jay Jay will say about it. I hope it's "Ninang, the cupcake is delicious!"

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ericbau said...

I'll get the pics in Tony's camera so we can post in the blog.

Take note: some of my colleagues are still holding out for the cheesecake =)