Thursday, July 4, 2013


This is what I look like lately, specially when in a restaurant about to eat a lovely, delicious meal that is so utterly bad for me. The look of guilt. Because I really really love to eat out, try new restaurants and order new items on the menu. I also love to go back to favorite restaurants for some comfort food, although the calories are not very comforting. At my age, it's not so easy to burn the extra calories. I miss my 20's and my youth. 

I compensate by drinking a few extra glasses of green juice daily. Not surprisingly, with all the weekend dates with Hubby and the kids, the weighing scale just refuses to budge lower. On the bright side, it's not going up either. Thank Goodness! 

I know what to do, as most of us do, we need to exercise. It's just so damn hard on most days. 

I look like a sad old lady. I'm not loving this picture so much. 

Hubby on the other hand, always looks so handsome.


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