Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Preserving Juice and Other Thoughts

I was really hesitant to buy canning/mason jars to store my juice because they are quite heavy on my lunch box. However though, a lot of bloggers who juice are using them to store their juices to bring them to work. I decided to use one of my mason jars and try it out.

True, they are quite heavier than my Lock 'n Lock containers but, the mason jars really keep the juice very well. The taste and color pretty much stay the same throughout the day. Mine only last a few hours since I drink two In the morning at work. And one or two jars around mid-afternoon, depending if I have some fruit that may go bad soon in the fridge, then I juice those.

Since I started juicing, I feel so much better. My migraine is under control and bloating has decreased. I saw some of my pictures when I was in Hong Kong, and I wasn't able to juice while on vacation there. I looked back on my pictures and each day, my face and body started getting more bloated. Holy MSG! I was shocked when my favorite nude heels, which was really loose on my feet, couldn't even fit when I got back.

Juicing for me, at least, has given me these health benefits. As for weight loss, I am very frustrated since the weighing scale is refusing to budge. There are days that I just want to throw it out the window. Seriously frustrating. I can't go back to the way I ate before either. That's not very healthy and I wasn't really sleeping well with all my high fat, salty, sweet and all around delicious diet. As much as I miss the taste of those things, I simply cannot go back, full board. I do indulge a little bit once in a while (okay, every weekend). I'm still figuring out how to strike a balance that will make me and my body happy. I'm still in love with bacon and Cheetos and I can't seem to let them go completely. 

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