Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hubby's Birthday Grub

I've been sick for the past week. Such bad timing because Hubby celebrated his birthday and I wasn't able to cook nor bake anything nice. Fortunately though, my housekeeper is very reliable and can duplicate some of my recipes. I chose very simple and easy, family tested recipes to serve last Sunday. We had some steamed crabs, pancit molo, fried shrimps, baby back ribs. My housekeeper likes to decorate the food with "found objects" in the crisper.

I normally like to make salads and bake cakes personally but my body wasn't too keen on the idea.

Our two nieces, Jessica and Ashley, and I, did manage to bake some sugar cookies from a cookie dough that I had frozen a couple of weeks ago, so we did have some freshly baked goodies.

Belated happy birthday, Hubby! You are the love of my life. You make me happy.

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ericbau said...

Thanks for the feast, love!