Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Family Lunch

It was an impromptu Sunday lunch at home. So, I looked at whatever was in my pantry to rustle up a decent meal. I've been meaning to try a recipe of chicken wings with a sweet glaze. I had bought chicken wings when I did my grocery shopping the day before so I gave it a go.

My family was too kind when I asked for their opinion when they tried it. "Ah, masarap naman" they would say while carefully avoiding my eyes. Ha ha ha.

The chicken dish was weird, to say the least. It was tasty but the chicken tasted like a dessert entree with it's sweetness. Anyway, now we know what will not be served ever again in the family table. Bwa ha ha! :-)

Fortunately, I had some other things to serve them. Otherwise, my reputation will be ruined. Ha ha ha. My in-laws brought some cake too.

After lunch, my nice Ashley wanted to go horseback riding in Tagaytay. So, why not? It's just an hour away anyway. After much discussion about why she needs to take another bath and why her hair had to be tied on top of a bath, we finally went our way.

We arrived at the horseback facility in Tagaytay around 5:00 p.m., barely an hour left of daylight. Man, that horseback facility hasn't changed much in thirty years! The kids went horseback riding and biking. My mom and I spent the hour talking and catching up. Hubby and my brother served as nannies, watching the kids.

Hope your Sunday was fun too!

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