Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How this blog came about

Do you get day when you just stare at a blank screen of your computer and say, “I am going to write something profound and inspiring today”? I get those a lot, but, when I finally start typing, creative ideas elude me. I mean, what can a suburban housewife/non-writer such as myself write about?

Well, a blog of course! Oprah Winfrey has a special section in her magazine called “what I know for sure”. The article is self-explanatory. Write something that you are sure about, which I think is a brilliant idea, so you become an instant expert. So, I decided to write about my life experiences. Writing about my recipes, our travels, funny conversation is a great creative outlet for me. No one knows my life better than I do, right?

I stopped cringing at the thought of some random person visiting my blog and reading what I have written. I mean, not everyone would want to read about my experiences. Some people might even think I'm a floozy. Ha ha ha.

Believe it or not, before I started writing anything on this blog, I would individually send an email to family members and friends of what’s been going on with my life, particularly about family get-togethers and our travels. I would write very detailed emails too (I type quite fast). Then I would get an equally lengthy response like “that’s nice”. So, I said, I’ll just write a blog, if they want to know what’s going on, well, they can read just about it here.

The main reason why I started a blog though was to have a “record” of my experiences with Hubby and family.

So, that’s how this blog came about.

Ok, I lied a tiny bit. Our family came from a really fabulous vacation abroad and I wanted to write about it. So, there, that's how this thing really got started. Then all hell broke loose and I've written hundreds of entries since then.

Do you like sharing experiences too? :-)

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