Saturday, May 14, 2011

King Bee - Dinner with Hubby

Finally, Hubby managed to squeeze in a couple of hours to have dinner with me. Gosh, I sound like a desperate mistress, don't I? He he he. Hubby and I met near his office and travelled a short distance to King Bee Restaurant in Daang Hari, a "short cut" to Cavite if you're coming from Alabang.

Hubby had dined there before with some of his co-workers and wanted me to try it too. King Bee, despite being in the off beaten path, was quite full when we arrived. I was surprised that it was. Since it was literally in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, after sampling an assortment of dimsum, I could see why people flock there. The food is good and the price is quite reasonable. Our total bill was under a thousand pesos. All the dimsum that we ordered were quite tasty and were worth what we paid for.

Here's a run down of our food trip :-)

We ordered one of the staples in any of our Chinese restaurant forays, the Hakaw or steamed shrimp dumplings. Yummy.

Pictured below is Tao Pey. Ground pork, shrimp and pancit (?) wrapped in a tofu sheet. This is Hubby's new favorite :-)

Hubby ordered Quail Egg dimsum, sort of like sio mai but with a boiled quail egg inside. I never got to taste this because hubby ate them all :-)

My favorite is the King Seafood dimsum with fish fillet, shitake mushrooms, crab stick and prawns wrapped in a pechay leaf. I'll try to cook this soon, hopefully :-)

We also ordered the Stuffed Shrimps with Salted Egg Yolk. It was a little too rich for our taste. The presentation looked appetizing and quite unusual though. It would look impressive in any table.

We had the usual dessert of Mango Sago and Almond Jelly with Lychee. Both were very refreshing and the perfect foil after a heavy Chinese meal.

King Bee's servings for their main courses are quite big. The small ones usually can feed up to four average people. Each order of dimsum is good for just one hungry Hubby :-)

Happy eating!

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