Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Filipino buffet at home

Sunday family lunches. We are always the designated host, whether we like it or not. He he he. We don't mind, really. I believe that inviting family over often makes for a happy home. Don't you think so too? :-) Also, they can't complain if I experiment recipes on them. Ha ha ha.

However though, I took pity on them and spared them from further recipe experimentation last Sunday. We had very simple Filipino food in our buffet counter. Everybody seemed quite happy with the food. We had some barbecued chicken legs, grilled tilapia, grilled eggplants and tomatoes.

My mom made the kare-kare.

My in-laws brought some guinataang halo-halo too.

No baked goods, you say? The kids and I made a mess in the kitchen and baked a batch of brownies with walnuts and mini-chocolate kisses. Haay kalat....

How was your Sunday?

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