Monday, December 8, 2008

Oody's Noodles with my BFF

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I went out with my best friend to watch Twilight. We had an hour to kill, no pun intended :-) before the movie starts and one of the fastest places to have a decent dinner, I thought, was Oody's.

I'm not much of a noodle fan so noodle restaurants usually are low on my list and therefore don't explore them too much. Anyway, this is the first time for me to try Oody's although I've seen it a million times. So I thought, why not try it. It's fast, quick and reasonably priced.

Okay, the place is simple, quiet and comfortable enough. The interior has touches of purple and silver Christmas decorations. BFF and I start to peruse the menu and pretty much deduced that they specialize in noodles...he he he.

Anyway, we had Thai dishes. I ordered Paad Thai since the last time I had it was in Bangkok, a few months ago and I kinda miss it.

My best friend ordered some Chicken Flat Noodle called Pad Siew.

We also shared sauteed Thai Kangkong in a sweet salty sauce.

Now, to be fair, I wasn't expecting authentic Thai taste but, is it too much to ask to make the dishes not too bland? All dishes lack that certain "freshness" that you would find in a Thai dish, cilantro perhaps?

I was just so ever grateful that we only spent a little P500 for the entire thing.

Anyway, Edward Cullen more than made up for the dinner mishap :-)

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dyosa said...

I never liked OOdys. It's so far from the taste authentic Thai food.