Monday, December 8, 2008

AANI Weekend Market

Hubby and I trekked to FTI last weekend to revamp our spice garden. Hubby's been requesting for some citronella planted in our garden. I've only seen it in AANI weekend market in FTI so off we went.

We ended up buying citronella, which looked like "talahib" than anything else but it did have such a wonderful aroma. We also purchased oregano, basil, rosemary and stevia. Stevia is an herb meant to replace sugar in your tea or coffee. Just steep a few leaves on hot water and mix in your tea or coffee. I've never tried this yet but I did taste the leaves before buying it. It was sweet and minty at the same time. Quite delicious. For more information, click here.

Most herbs sell for P100 for three small pots, Rosemary P75/pot.

We also purchased some flowering tarragon (misspelled here in the photo) sold at P100/pot. I fell in love with their cute yellow flowers.

I couldn't resist a dayap (lime) and calamansi shrubs also, P100/shrub.

The AANI weekend market also sells garden accessories, seeds, organic fertilizers, assorted animal dung (no kidding), plants, flowers, trees, fresh vegetables, seafood and some cooked local food and kakanin.

I hope my herbs and shrubs grow well in my garden!


ericbau said...

I'm sure they will :-)

Anonymous said...
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Leica said...

Thanks Faye!