Monday, December 22, 2008

Anniversary Dinner

For a change, I asked hubby to plan our evening. The best that he could come up with was...Bubba Gump. Yeah I know, quite the romantic, is he?

Anyway, he figured since we both love eating shrimp, this would be the best place. The place isn't geared for romance but the staff was friendly and courteous. We've eaten here many times before.

Here's the view from our table, a decapitated Ernie.....

While waiting for our food, one of the waiters came over and played a little game with us. If we could answer five questions from the movie Forrest Gump correctly, we will get a prize. And what do you know? We answered all of them correctly (well, I answered four out five, hubyy got one right, he he he).

Anyway, the food wasn't bad. For starters, hubby and I ordered a Grilled Shrimp salad with cilantro garlic dressing. The dressing was great, the shrimps perfectly grilled. The dressing is worth trying to duplicate at home.

For our main course, we had the Shrimp's Heaven. Which is a combination of four shrimp dishes, breaded, coconut, sweet and sour and shrimp cakes. This dish is best shared by four persons sinece the serving is quite huge. We had plenty left over. The dish itself, on it's own is quite boring since all of them are fried, including the fries that come with it. The speckled lemonade that I ordered was perfect to remove the "sawa" factor. A speckeld lemonade is just regular lemonade with blended strawberries, nice and refreshing, although a tad sweet for my taste.

For dessert, we got free ice cream from aswering the waiter's questions correctly. Hubby gulped this down in three spoonfulls. Needless to say, I only managed to eat a small teaspoon.

Hubby and I, old farts that we are, left at around 8:30 and promptly went home.

Overall it was a fun evening, albeit unromantic, I enjoyed myself. Afterall, I've been spending the past 14 years with hubby.

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