Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Party

Our company celebrated it's annual Christmas party in style. This year the theme was Studio 54. Everyone was resquested to dress up in bell bottoms, tie dyes, afros and downright baduy wear during the era.

Moi, headmaster of it all was in charge of pretty much everything except hosting since I suck so well in that. More than the electronic fiddling in the sound sytem. Anyway, I digress.

It was such a super fun evening. The whole shebang was catered by Tamayo's. Their food wasn't exceptional but the service was impeccable. I would probably hire them again, if only for the waiters. We also had some pritson which was gone in three minutes flat. I highly recommend Charlie's pritson since they deliver the pritson to you complete with a "chef" and the condiments. A small pig that's good for 60 people will set you off P4,700 but it's well worth it. I should have ordered two. Next year, I'll order two or three, he he he.

Here are some pics from our party. It's also a lesson on what not to wear in public... he! he! he!

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