Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Urashima Japanese Restaurant and Getting Pampered

Hubby’s back from HK. Yipee!

Our weekend was pretty busy. I for one spent the whole Saturday, cleaning, washing, ironing and preparing for hubby’s late night arrival from HK. I wanted him to go home to a nice clean house. Of course he messed it right up with all the pasalubongs scattered all over the place. :-)

For our Sunday lunch date, hubby took me to a nearby Japanese Resto called Urashima along President's Avenue in BF Homes. It’s just a few minutes’ drive from our place. They’re quite famous for their lunchtime bento menu.

Hubby ordered the Bento A. It’s a huge selection of mixed tempura (shrimp, assorted veggies, fish and parsley, yum!), miso soup, sushi, Japanese meatballs, Japanese-style potato salad, pickled cucumbers, hagadashi tofu. It’s a huge meal meant to be eaten when you’re very hungry :-) Can be shared too but hubby was very hungry and didn't want to share, he he he ;-)

The parsley tempura was very good. Very refreshing when you bite into it.

I got the Bento B. It’s pretty much the same as what hubby ordered but instead of the sushi, I had chicken teriyaki.

Both bento combinations were excellent and well worth your money. Hubby and I only spent P750 all in all, not bad eh?

If you’re in BF, I recommend that you visit this place during lunch time. Because that’s the only time they serve their super-sized bentos.

After such a filling lunch, we drove over my my brother’s place to give them hubby’s pasalubong and spend time playing with my nephew and niece. Cute kids! I love them to death.

Since it was still pretty early, hubby and I decided to pamper ourselves at the neighborhood salon by getting manicures and pedicures. Hubby bolted from the parlor as soon as he was finished and decided to have our car washed nearby. I on the other hand, stayed on to have my hair colored, get a hair spa, get a foot spa and paraffin and be totally pampered for the afternoon. I felt like a princess :-)

My neighborhood salon offers free paraffin wax if you avail of their foot spa package of P300 (includes manicure, pedicure, foot spa, foot massage and the free paraffin foot soak). The paraffin wax is so relaxing. I wanna sleep right after. They also offer free hair spa when you have your hair colored, comes free with a nice back massage too.

For appointments, you can drop by at Dunamis Salon and Spa (formerly Top to Toe Salon) along Cabarrus street, beside Resurrection Church, or you can call 994-33-80. Ask for Shirley, she gives great massages.

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