Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kanin Club

Kanin Club. Rice Club.

A carbohydrate addict's nirvana :-)

I had dinner with my brother and his wife last night at this popular restaurant located at West Gate, Alabang. I've heard such nice reviews about their food and they were even featured at a local TV show. Everytime we pass by there, the place is full. Fortunately, a table was available last night.

For starters, we had Green Mango Salad with Thai dressing. Strips of green mangoes dressed with lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, salt and pepper, it also has peanuts, onions and cilantro. I love this dish. Very refreshing. I vow to duplicate this dish at home (sans the onions) for hubby. I'm sure he'll love it. Hubby's currently in HK for a business trip :-(

For our main "courses", we ordered two kinds or rice (yeah, two kinds). The first one and the most popular is called The Fully Loaded, it has a lot of goodies mixed into it like sausages, eggs, green peas, shrimps etc.

We also ordered the Aligue Rice, rice with crab fat :-) I know, artery clogger. My official excuse is, my companios are five years younger than me, this order is for them...yeah, right!

Both were good but the fully loaded was extra special :-)

We also ordered Binagoongang Baboy (fried pork with shrimp paste), which is crispy outside and tender inside with the just the perfect "timpla" for it's sauce, not too sweet, not too salty. My little bro's favorite there, understandably. I will definitely order this again.

The Binukadkad na Tilapia is just fried tilapia, presented like a flower. Hence, the binukadkad name. How can you go wrong with fried fish, right?

Upon order, each table is given three kinds of dipping sauces. Vinegar with garlic, soy sauce with onions and garlic and chili oil. Typical dipping sauces here in the Philippines.

I recommend Kanin Club for all the gluttons out there. The price is reasonable, service is so so but the food is great.

Kanin na!

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