Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in LP

It's finally here! Christmas! Yipee!!!!

Our day started with morning mass at our neighborhood church. After that, hubby and I were off to my brother's house to get some supplies for the party. My nephew Jay-jay decided to come with us to LP ahead of time while proudly showing me his new toys. His excitement was contagious. I found myself wowing and oohing over some scooters, bike, helicopters and toy soldiers. Half of his new toys were loaded in our car to be shared with his cousins in LP. Such a nice boy.

A simple yet sumptuous feast was spread out for the family's enjoyment. We had the staple special occasion lechon, dinuguan (comes free with a purchase of whole lechon), prawns in two ways, halabos (breaded and then fried) and prawns cooked in 7up, tilapia (again) and pancit malabon. I also made rocky road cupcakes for dessert.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without gift giving, the kids were very excited to open their gifts. They all got toys, clothes and some chocolates as well. Tita Socky also gave out red envelopes for everyone. LP was littered with Christmas wrappings and an assortment of toy packaging. It took a while to get everything cleared up.

We spent the whole day (and night) eating, playing and drinking!

There was also an impromptu baking lesson for the kids, from a cookie mix given as a gift. They all took turns with the mixer and every single kid helped shape the cookies. Jay-jay couldn't wait for the cookies to be baked, he ate the flour from the bowl even before we started baking, he also wore it all over his clothes! Here he is a misshapen cookie dough in his hand. We also caught him sneaking a lick from the mixing spoon after all the cookies have been shaped.

I personally had great fun making cookies with the kids. They're asking for more lessons soon. I can't wait to do it again.

The cookies turned out great despite the chaos :-)

Happy holidays everyone. Don't forget to have fun!


ericbau said...

Talk about all-hands-on-deck, up-to-the-elbows-in-flour, "my turn na!" cookie baking!! =)

Happy New Year to everyone!

Random Possum said...


I miss you guys so very much...Have a Healthy and Blessed New Years to All.

Leica said...

Happy new year! Be safe!