Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jessica's First Birthday

Our niece Jessica (from hubby's side of the family), celebrated her first birthday last December 22.

My whole family was invited to join the festivities as well. Our little Ashley was the star of the afternoon with her pretty red dress and sheer cuteness. Maybe she thought it was her birthday too? :-)

Of couse, patok si Jollibee with the kids! Jay-jay even posed with a half-eaten Chickenjoy in hand.

Even hubby couldn't resist a photo op with the famous bee :-)


Random Possum said...

i just thought about it...didnt get to do a pose with mr. jollibee himself...well it's his lost :-) hehehe

miss you lovely!

Leica said...

Miss you too. Happy new year!

ericbau said...

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

And it looks like Jollibee found his long-lost, better-looking twin... hehehehe