Monday, December 24, 2007

LP at Night

For a change, the family congregated in LP for Sunday dinner. Since it's Christmas season, the family home is bedecked with over a thousand Christmas lights.

I baked there the other weekend and as soon as the lights are turned on, children would ring the doorbell almost non-stop and shout "Namamasko po". After our spare coins ran out, we had to tell them Patawad. That went on the entire time the lights were on. The family home was undoubtedly the brightest and prettiest house on the block. Children always make a beeline to the house hoping to get a lot of aguinaldo after singing Christmas carols.

The family oohed and ahhed as well and stayed almost until midnight eating and talking and the kids had a grand time playing under the glow of the Christmas lights.

Our menu consisted of whatever is found in the freezer :-)

I made baked tilapia fillet with butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, Kikkoman and cilantro. It's so simple, idiot proof even.

Mom made caldereta. A Spanish beef-stew made with very tender beef, potatoes, tomato sauce, bell peppers and liver spread.

Jun, the house keeper, made his famous Monggo with shrimps. A family favorite.

Longganiza from Bulacan. A gift from an officemate. This one is my favorite longganisa.....ever.

Despite the hodgepodge of dishes, our dinner was a huge hit. Everything was delicious. I think the family home has a special magic of turning the simple and mundane dishes to something extraordinary. Of course, meals shared with family members are always special.

Masarap talaga ang pasko sa Pilipinas.

Advanced Merry Christmas to all!!

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ericbau said...

All of the entrees were winners, but the baked tilapia and the caldereta were outstanding!

They'll beat out any restaurant version anytime, everytime.