Friday, May 11, 2012

Thank you for the warm welcome

Hubby: "You, Wifey, have neglected your blog."

Sad, but true.

I will be posting the highlights of our Canada and New York trip in the coming weeks. I'm still getting used to being on "reality" mode. We've had some really great eats and lots of ice cream!

Let me start by posting about our first day in Toronto, we were met by family whom we haven't seen for years. My cousin Annie and her family immigrated to Canada about four years ago. I'm so happy to see them again! The kids have grown so much and the girls have forgotten how to speak Tagalog! Tim, my eldest nephew can still manage a few phrases though.

Thank you for the warm welcome! I miss all of you.

Thank you, Tita Socky for a truly wonderful trip.

I'm a grown woman, I shouldn't be crying every time I see these pictures.

I really miss you guys.

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