Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cherry Blossoms at High Park, Toronto

I've been wanting to see cherry blossoms for like, ages. I have plotted and planned for years to take a trip to Seoul so that we can see the lovely flowers. There's always some conflict in schedules, mostly though, I was wrestling with myself and having discussions with Hubby justifying the very costly trip to Seoul. Since the cherry blossoms is the peak season, rates for airfare and hotel are usually double their normal. 

Hubby :"This much?!! Just to see some flowers?!!!" 
Me: "Yes, for flowers, and you taking my pictures amidst the lovely flowers."
Hubby: "I've been to Seoul. Twice. It's not that exciting."
Me, in tantrum mode: "That's because you never explore on your own. You just work, eat and go back to the hotel."
Hubby: "New York or Seoul? Take your pick."

Darn it!

You get the gist.

Anyway, my family spent a month in Toronto, for a vacation. It completely slipped my mind that cherry trees grow on North American countries, too. Duh! Lo and behold, our vacation in Toronto just coincided with the annual blooming of cherry trees :-)

There's a patch of cherry trees in High Park, which were donated by the Japanese government to the city of Toronto. So, off we went, there was only a two-day peak window. 

Cherry blossoms... I love :-)

Hey, we went to New York City, too.

Double wish come true.

Life. Is. Good.


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