Friday, May 25, 2012

Porchetta and Co - Toronto

I've been baking a lot these past couple of weeks. So far, most of my efforts were worth it, not too many mishaps. Although the cookie dough frosting that I made last week was a complete and utter failure.

I digress. Anyway,  I really have to start posting about our recent trips to Canada and New York. So, through the coming weeks or days (who knows really when I will have the time), I will write about the food highlights of our trip.

Yesterday, as were were having a brunch party at the office, my boss brought Bagnet, an Ilocos specialty of fried liempo (I suspect that it gets fried several times to get super crunchy) and it got me thinking about Porchetta and Co, located along Dundas Street in Toronto.

The pork in Porchetta and Co is roasted until it gets that crunchy texture that we all so love. The crunchy pork is then stuffed into a sandwich with several choices of toppings. I chose mine to have mozarella and rapini. Rapini is a vegetable that closely resembles chinese broccoli but tastes like wasabi. The combination was great and worth coming back to next time we're in Toronto.

This is my nice Ashley, waiting for our order.

And modeling root beer. The root beer was excellent, by the way.



DollHouse said...
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Socky said...
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Socky said...

I meant to say, we have barely scratched the surface, food-wise. So many new eating places in Toronto this summer.