Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jatujak Thai Food and Thai Iced Tea at SM Mall of Asia

Hubby was working all day at home yesterday and was a bit stressed and tired. To unwind, we went to SM Mall of Asia (MOA for short) to catch the fireworks, have dinner and do a little bit of shopping.

The traffic was unusually horrendous and we were unble to catch the fireworks which happens every Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

Anyway, I've been craving for Thai food since my cousin Butchie posted a shout out in his Facebook that he's having some. I had the "inggit" (jealous) factor. So, we had our fill of Thai food at Jatujak Thai Food at the 2nd level of MOA (near the cinemas). The place is always full since their food is nice and almost authentic (Bangkok streetfood is still the best of course) and Jatujak is reasonaly priced as well. Their best sellers are the Chicken Pandan and the Bagoong Rice. (I know this because almost all the tables have them)

I didn't realize hubby was so hungry, he started ordering so many things from the menu!

For starters we had the Pomelo and Prawn Salad (Yam Som O). This is nice and refreshing with just the right blend of sweetness, saltiness and tartness. Jatujak's version has toasted coconuts on top.

Hubby also ordered the Fresh Vegetarian Roll (Pho Pia Sod). Assorted vegetables wrapped in rice paper, chpped peanuts and a sweet chili dipping sauce. Hubby seemed to like this because I only got to eat one :-)

Hubby ordered Beef Noodle Soup with thin rice noodles. He liked this as well but said to me "You can do this at home". Yup, I agree. But it was nice nonetheless. Each bowl would probably feed two people. Hubby managed to finish most of this by himself (No, I didn't get any).

Of course, I had the Shrimp Pad Thai. This was nice, but not as nice as the ones I had in Bangkok :-) But it will do in the meantime. I had plently left over. Each serving is good for 2 to 3 persons.

After all that, hubby was still hungry and ordered the Crispy Pork with Cilantro Relish (Moo Grab). Little did we know that it will be nothing but chicharon! Holy cholesterol! Hubby, was trying to sneak in fatty food again! We didn't finish this and had just asked this for take out to give to our housekeeper.

For dessert, hubby and I shared Sticky Rice with Mango. Hubby was surprised this was served hot. I like this very much since I am a lover of "kakanin" (rice based desserts). Unfortunately, as one ages, (ahem) we have to watch our carbohydrate and sugar intake. But I think I had my fill during my younger years, which seemed to stay at a mid-section up to this day, ha ha ha :-)

Fortunately, we had an hour left before the mall closed, to walk off the calories :-)

SM Mall of Asia is a nice mall because it overlooks the Manila Bay and when the night is balmy, like last night, fresh sea air comes through the mall and provides a refreshing breeze. It's nice to watch the sunset too while dining in one of the restaurants overlooking the bay.

SM Mall of Asia is very very crowded on weekends (specially Saturdays because of the fireworks), so take that into consideraton if you want to go there.

For less parking hassles, drop off your car and keys to the valet located at the back (where Krispy Kreme is) and just Pay P80, it will save you a lot of time.

Happy malling!

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would love to try this! i miss thai food. it's ❤!